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When it comes to organizing, no two clients are alike.  That's why The Neat Life offers a range of organizational services, which are then tailored to your specific needs.  Please feel free to call us or email us to discuss how we might best be able to assist you.

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Home Organization


We come to your home, talk with you about your challenges, and create a custom-fit strategy to organize your spaces.  We then roll up our sleeves, and get to work!  We can either work independently, or work with you as a "team effort".  Either way, the end result will be organized, easy-to-maintain spaces you'll love!

Business Organization


As a business person, chances are you face a mountain of to-do's, calendar appointments, post-it notes, emails and documents every day. The Neat Life can assist you in implementing organizational tools to help you cut down on the minutiae -- so you can focus on what you do best.  

Electronic Organization


Feeling overwhelmed by all your emails, contacts, tasks, electronic files, apps and photos?  Do you have different data spread across different devices?  Let The Neat Life help you get it all coordinated, so you can easily access your stuff -- no matter what device you're using.

U.S. Foreign Service


Foreign Service employees face a variety of organizational challenges specific to their career lifestyle.  The Neat Life can assist with the international moving process: to help prepare for a smooth pack-out day and an easier transition into your new home!

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