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We applaud our clients -- getting organized can be a challenge!  We feel honored to assist them in successfully conquering that challenge.  Our clients are often folks who are going through a life transition -- marriage, moving, having a  child, downsizing, or combining work and home offices.  Clutter often results from these transitions, because items do not have a defined home -- so they just end up where they land.  We help our clients think through their spaces, and establish homes that are logical and easy to maintain.  Our goal is to make you WANT to put things back where they belong!

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Did you know the average business executive spends 45 minutes a day looking for misplaced stuff?  That's six weeks of time that could be freed up!  The Neat Life helps business people reclaim their time by coordinating data between devices, advising on helpful digital tools and streamlining filing systems.  We also create workflows for a client's business processes, to help organize tasks and information that needs to be tracked.

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Our "kudos" section is currently under construction...check back soon!

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