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The Neat Life was created with a single purpose in mind: to help our clients achieve their organizational goals, so they can have more time to enjoy their life.

Kim Mihalik

Kim is the founder of The Neat Life.  She has had a penchant for organizing, starting at an early age.  Her first client was a teenage relative who "hired" her to organize a messy bedroom -- her first paycheck was any loose change she found in the process!  She pursued an international consulting career in engineering for a decade, before following her lifelong passion and launching The Neat Life.  She is a NAPO member, and has trained with the Julie Morganstern Institute. She utilizes the Morganstern techniques when working with clients.


Kim is also an experienced guest speaker.  She has given organizing presentations for IKEA, Bloomingdale's and various other groups. Please contact us, if you would like to engage Kim's speaking services!



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